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We know what it's like to feel lost with no answers when trying to assist your loved one who is battling a mental illness. Join Mindset to chat with others who are going through what you are & share information, connect with Mindset Coaches to ask questions you have, and take our courses to learn more about your loved ones illness.

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Talk To A Mindset Coach 24/7

You have access to a Mindset coach at any time through instant message communication. Ask a Mindset coach any question you may have regarding your loved ones mental illness.

Mental Illness Assessments

Reading material for individual mental illnesses followed by multiple choice assessments are updated monthly with current regulations,mental illness history, and best practices to help you take care of your loved one.


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Start or join conversations with other Mindset members to discuss best practices and share stories.

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Monthly virtual mental illness events led and attended by well respected mental health professionals.